Castle Paws Designs
New Fabric TOTES!!!
These totes are my latest creations!  I'm having a ball making them.
Small sizes are approx 11 inches wide  by 9 inches tall with 20" straps
Medium size 13 X 11+++++ Large totes 19 X 19 inches
Petite Tote 6" X '6"
I'm selling these first ones I've made at a reduced price while I work on perfecting my patterns.
These purses are machine washable; however, we recommend dry cleaning for best results.
Black Leopard Tote.  measure  approx. 11
" wide, 9 " tall and 20" straps.  Has
button & self strap closure.  Lined and
interfaced.  can take orders for bags in
this fabric.  $15
Rainbow Kitties  $20  Button closure.   
Multicolored liner. no interfacing Size SM
6" X 6" flat Tote.  Cream colored
quilted cotton o the exterire.  
Inside liner and strap is
multicolored patchwork prints.  $5
slightly imperfect.
19" X 19' Quilted Cream colored flat
tote.  Inside liner is floral print in
greens, lavendars, mauve..  20 inch  
straps and pearl  button closure.  $20
Gold Satin with inside pockets, attack cats for
the liner, straps and closure.  Brown wooden
button.  Nice tote for  $20 size S  

ALSO one available in Gold Lame'  $20
Navy stars and stripes tote.  Fully nterfaced ,Red stripe button
closure with red button.  Inside liner shown above with two
pockets.  Small size  $20 size small  SOLD
Thanks for looking!  Keep Checking back please!!
colors.  Interfaced, lined in the blue
fabric matching the handles and closure
with two inside pockets, front and
back.  Cute yellow button!  $22.  My
favorite. size sm
CUTE Lavendar Kittys in Red hats
6 X 6 petite tote.   Interfaced.  
Button closure and small inside
pocket. $7