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Looking for a Pet Kitten?

You may contact CFA for a list of breeders in your area.  Also for a list of cat clubs and breed
council members.  Attend CFA Cat Shows and you can see the breeders cats and have an
opportunity to maybe briefly speak with the breeder/exhibitor.  Cat shows can be very hectic
depending upon how many cats the exhibitor has entered so you may have to wait a while to
speak briefly with the breeder/exhibitor/owner.  Most will have a contact card so that you may
speak with them at a more convenient time.

Price alone should never be a determining factor as to which breeder you wish to acquire your
kitten from.  A higher price doesn't necessarily guarantee higher quality; however, a lower price
may not be a bargain in the long run either.

Be patient.  You may have to wait months (or longer) for the kitten/cat of your choice especially
if you are looking for a specific color or breed.  It is a short time to wait in comparision to the
many years to come that you will be enjoying your pet kitten or cat.

Adults are wonderful companions too.  You should not be insistant upon acquiring a kitten only or
a very young kitten.  They stay tiny only a few weeks.  Many very nice adults become available
for various reasons.  There is no such thing as being "too old" for adoption and age alone should
never be a determining factor.  Most reputable breeders will be weary of someone requesting
a very young or tiny kitten only.  They fear the owner will not love the kitten once it becomes a
full grown beautiful adult.

Responsible  Cat Breeders:

Belong to their breed council and cat clubs.  Are students and always learning more about their
specific breed.

Breed only in order to improve their breed and color and to produce the best kitten they
possibly can and are breeding with the intentions of having at least one kitten for themselves.  
do not breed for profit or breed simply with the intention of "producing to sell."  The
have a lot of hard work, time, love and money invested in their cats and are not making a profit
from kitten sales.  They or someone in the family is working to make enough money to support
the expensive hobby.

Is actively and consistanly showing their cats in CFA/TICA and are recieving wins for their

Breed only the best cats that meet the standard and are free of serious health, genetic  and
temperament problems.  One or more of the parents is most likely a Champion or the more
coveted title of Grand Champion status.

Breed only with healthy cats that are tested negative to the feline diseases.

Will provide referrals to other known reputable breeders if they do not have anything
currently available.

Use a written sales contract and guarantee with all kittens and cats which will include a
spay/neuter agreement.

Sell only healthy, kittens that have been vaccinated and dewormed.

Raise their kittens indoors where they are well socialized and loved.

Provide CFA registrations and health records.  Will also include additional helpful tips such as
grooming, health care recommendations and feeding instructions.

Will not sell to Pet Stores or Kitty mills or anyone that seems suspicious to them.  Assumes
full responsibility for the litters that they produce.

Will not let kittens go to any new homes sooner than 12 to 16 weeks of age. Is not
anxious and pushy to "get rid" of kittens and will keep their kittens as long as it takes to find
the proper placement.

Does not have multiple breeds and colors to work with and does not breed but a few litters
per year.

Does not provide stud service.

Is very conscientious of the care and heatlh of their kittens/cats including good quality food
and clean living space.

Tips for the Novice on Buying A "SHOW" Kitty/Cat

Buy from someone that is actively and currently showing sucessfully.  These exhibitors know
what it takes to make it in the show ring and can evaluate a cat.   They should have cats that
"they" recently exhibited and achieved Grand Champion status with and/or National, Regional &
Division Wins.  There is a tremendous difference in purchasing cats with the titles and obtaining
them.  A cat that was grandable 5 or 10 years ago does not necessarily have a prayer in todays
show ring.  An experienced and knowledgeable exhibitor will help the  truly dedicated novice

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