Satin Donut Bed is  Approx. 20" diameter.  Padded bottom with
stuffed Poly fil sides.  Machine washable.  Fits nicely in show cages
and crates. Work great at home too!  Cats & Dogs love 'em!
Cat Pattern in snuggly cotton fabric. Cotton Print Donut Bed. Padded
bottom with stuffed poly-fil sides.  Machine washable.  Fits nicely in
show cages and crates work great at home too!  Cats love 'em!  This
particular fabric is no longer available but I have other cat prints.
Dark Royal Blue Satin Donut Bed.  Padded bottom with
stuffed poly fil sides.  Machine washable.  Fits nicely in show
cages and crates.  Work great at home too!  Cats & Dogs love
'em!  Great for protecting longhairs and long coats.
Small size for kittens & puppies (under 3 pounds) is approximately 15 inches wide across.
Adult cat size & Toy size dogs (Medium) is approximately 18- 20 inches wide across.  Both sizes are expandable when
laid in.  Washable.  Hand stuffed with soft poly fil.  Fit nicely inside crates for travel.  Work great at home too!

Fabric prints will vary from the photos of beds shown.   Please give at least two color requests from the write in menu.   
There is plenty of room to write in your comments such as "cute doggie print", "Christmas Print", etc.  I will come up
with a similar print to what you request.  Donut beds purchased with curtain sets will be matched at my best of ability.  
Brocades and satins are quite limited and at a premium these days. Please keep in mind that satins will snag and ravel
over time.
My ready-made beds are listed on my ebay store.
and Etsy Shop

Contact me for larger sizes please.  $10 more.
Brown fake leopard fur
Various Flannel Cats Prints (as available)
Order if you aren't fussy about specific prints
& colors but want a cute kitty print. Also cute
doggie prints.
Castle Paws Designs
Dog/Cat Donut Beds
in Satin, Fleece or Cotton
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Satin, Poly & Taffeta fabrics
Protect long coats.
Fleece & Flannel for warmth & durability.
Cotton for comfort & durability.
White Fleece in snuggly, warm fabric.  Padded bottom with
stuffed Poly fil sides.  Machine washable.  Fits nicely in show
cages and crates.
Work great at home too!  Cats love 'em! Small dogs Too.
Castle Paws Designs/Pamela R. Martin
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Taffetta is as good or better than satin
for protecting long coats.
Tan, ivory satin
Dark Green Satin
Pink Satin
Brocade Satin
Fleece Print
Brocade Satin
Flannel Print
Cat Bed
Red Velour
Dog or Cat Bed
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