Suspenders clamp to the back of the
garment once they are placed on the
Photos are for
purposes only.  
Diapers will not fit as
high up on the back as
shown on this older
model garment
Please note the model below is a cat; however, these instructions apply to diapering female dogs
and both male and female cats.  
1-Before diapering your dog/cat, stretch the garment and insert a washable or disposable pad inside
the garment between the tail opening and straps.. 2- Begin the diapering process by inserting the
end of your pets tail through the inside of the garment. Insert the tail completely thru the tail
opening and slide the garment on to the dog/cats back. The remainder of the garment goes
underneath (between the back legs) with one strap to the left and the other to the right. Pull each
strap up and around attaching the velcro to the back of the diaper garment. (The diaper won’t ride
quite as high on the back as shown in the photo 6 for demo purposes). Adjust until you get the
desired snug fit. Voila. Most dogs & cats need time to adjust and tolerate wearing diaper garments.  

    People sometimes ask how long  it takes for cats & dogs to adjust to wearing diapers.  Our furry companions are
    individuals just like people.  Some adjust right away while others take longer to learn the art of tolerating diaper and
    clothing garments.

    Once you have acquired the appropriate diaper garment for your dog/cat I hope the following tips will assist you both in
    completing the remainder of the process in an uncomplicated and pleasant manner.

    Most importantly, please be patient when first trying the garments on and introducing them to your dogs/cats.  Please
    read the diapering instructions  before proceeding so you will know in advance what to do and how to do it.  Make
    certain not to startle your dog/cat with the garment or indicate the garment as a punishment.

    Allow your dog/cat enough time to see, sniff and smell the garment prior to diapering them. Talk to them in a calm,
    soothing voice explaining what you are going to do. Remain calm or else your friend will sense your nervousness and
    frustration and he/she too will become nervous and frustrated.

    If your dog/cat escapes from the garment and sizing is correct; simply put it back on again later. Kindly inform them it
    is necessary to wear this garment if everyone is to live happily together in the same household! (It is completely normal
    for them to walk "funny" or fall over until they learn how to walk wearing a garment). Repeat this process over a period
    of hours, days-however long it takes for them to learn.  Reward your dogs/cats verbally and physically; complementing
    them for wearing their garments.  

    Dogs/cats previously isolated or caged before being introduced to diaper garments soon learn to associate their
    freedom with the diaper garment. Wearing a garment will eventually become the normal household routine.

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Diapering a Cat in Stud Pants
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Enlarge a tail opening by snipping a
straight cut slit at the top of the tail
opening. Apply "Fray Check" to the
fabric slit to prevent fraying of the